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"Ricks" Wedding 

We at "Photos with Angel" had the great pleasure of being at "Mr&Mrs Keith Ricks" Wedding where we did the photography and DJ services. We are very sorry of not being able to post all the photos here but there were over several thousand pictures taken. If you know that a picture was taken and you would like to get a copy of the picture, you are more than welcome to contact us about the picture(s) or would like to know if we have a specific picture that suits what your looking for. We will make arrangements for you to get a copy of it in either digital or printed format. 

We would like to say that it was a great honor to be there and help make some great memories for the Bride & Groom. We hope that Mr & Mrs Keith Ricks have a very long, happy marriage and when they renew their vows, we hope to be there too.  

Wedding Reception

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