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Ride for Devin photo's

Here are pictures from a benefit ride that we attended. Devin is a young man that was born with  a rare medical condition and has been through a lot of medical procedures and going to have a lot more. Devin is a super nice young man with a great outlook on life. Our thoughts and prayers goes out to him and his family. We at Photos with Angel heard that Devin asked for 100 motorcycles to be at his ride, sadly we fell short of the total due to a memoral ride for a fallen biker. We at Photos with Angel are reaching out to all the clubs and friends to attend his next benefit to allow him to see his wish but let bust it with a lot more then the 100 mark. Check out the pictures from the benefits. If you see one and its not in the Store section, contact us and we can assist in you being able to purchase it. Proceeds from the sales of the pictures help Devins Family cover medical expenses. If you wish just to donate toward Devins cause, click on the link below.

Devin you will be in out thoughts and wish

Photos with Angel

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