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Nam Knights MC & American Legion

Here are pictures from the Nam Knights MC and American Legion Riders 3rd Annual Car and Bike Show. We really enjoyed being there. There were some awsome cars and bikes present. We were very proud that they allowed us to be part of thier event and looking forward to being apart of thier event in the future. If you see a picture that you would love to have, please contact us. We will make arrangments for you to download it or we will print the picture and mail it to you. Contact us at 

Once again, THANK YOU 

Nam Knights MC/American Legion Riders

and "Thank You" to our Military Personal and our Veterans

This picture below is a truck that won an award and it was the first event that it was at. The person who owns the truck had fix it up because the truck was owned by his grandfather. He was not sure about being in the car show but he entered it. His grandfather was looking out for him. 


The lady who is standing in the back of the truck had her heart set for the truck to win. When the truck won, she wanted a picture taken with it. She is also serving our country in the NAVY. I would like to say thank you to her for serving our country and help to protect our country so that we can continue to be free.  


Here are the pictures from the car and bike show. Once again, if you see a picture that you wantk, just contact us and we will make arragement for you to get it by download or a printed copy. 

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